Album Cover

Hey guys, I couldn't find any album artwork for 'The Complete B-Sides 1983-1992' so i knocked up my own, just thought I'd share it...

It was the title of the album of a bootleg I was sent, I assume it is a playlist a fan has put together of numerous bootlegs and b-sides etc.
There was this really nerdy but kind astrologer mormon man who used hang out at "the store" with us. (Tiny community so the store was the hot spot.) He didn't even live in the community, just drove in to visit and felt at home because I guess we were all a little weird like him. Anyway, whenever he left, he'd quote some old radio DJ who I never heard and say "Catch you on the flip side!" which I took to mean the B side of a record. I think a photo using this sort of imagery : :angry: would be appropriate for a B-side cover.
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