Alain Whyte YT: "Mute Witness" acoustic (May 15, 2020)




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Just found this, however, in Severed Alliance:

"On the evening of Sunday 9 March 1980, he and a friend witnessed a fleet of flying saucers travelling across the sky in a hexagonal formation. The sighting lasted almost a full 10 minutes and rendered Stevie absolutely speechless. “The whole thing had an astonishing effect on me,” he told friends. For days afterwards, he felt inexplicably strange whenever he recalled the incident. The eerie encounter left him firmly convinced that the government was covering up the truth about UFOs. His susceptibility to such ideas no doubt originated long before the London sighting. Two years earlier, he had twice visited the cinema to see Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and was so impressed by the movie’s verisimilitude that he even purchased the lacklustre book of the same title. Now, he was the living proof that aliens scoured the Earth."


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I imagine the frisbee was a piece of evidence she was pointing at in the court room. I don't know why anyone would be playing frisbee at 4am in the morning. You have to be careful when you try to nail down something so specific and yet so abstract because there is always the possibility that it was simply a vivid dream Morrissey had about a frisbee! It may even have been an oblique attempt at humour, but I've yet to fathom what the joke is.
yes, it's quite intriguing...but seeing the movie clip someone posted above( did you eatch it?, if not, please do)...the mute witnes might have thrown her frisbee amd her dog ran away after it and got run over by a truck...the driver, unknowing the girl is deaf and mute scolds her...

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