Alain Whyte to return (not really)

Famous when dead

Nope, just the kind of speculative stuff that filters over to Facebook and becomes 'fact'.
I believe there's a site for people that see 'signs'.
Alain has posted may 'reminiscing' posts over the years that 'hint' at things.
He was very much looking to build bridges after coming to London for the funeral, but even that coupled with his Hamill interview don't equal the OP assertion.
Gaz Day posted similar - he must be returning too?



Think you're all misunderstanding the OP.

Alain Whyte to return... From a higher power.

Alain is, in fact, the second coming of Jesus, and after he dies, he will return.

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There is no vacancy in Morrissey's live band, and even if there was I doubt Alain would be asked to come back. That would involve a certain amount of swallowing of pride -which isn't something Morrissey is renowned for. That's not Moz bashing, by the way. We all have our flaws.

Having said that, Morrissey did ask Gary Day back after the alleged "die wanker" episode, so stranger things have happened.


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I reckon fek'll there is no way the Malibu Son is going to have a Pasadena Son in his band. Reckon there is a hierarchy in Moz Angeles chipper curry c*** tit tossey draft inn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn n it.


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Ah. The good old days...

I'll always love the '91/'92 Lads. It's a bit unfortunate there aren't many, if any, pictures of the band circa the mid-to-late 90's with the rhythm section of Jonny Bridgewood and Spencer. Even Morrissey neglected including pics of the group in his cover art/liner notes from that period. It wasn't until 2004's Live at Earls Court when he began to feature pics of the band again.

It's also interesting to note how we almost had a Boorer/Whyte/Day/Cobrin reunion lineup for the 2000 Oye Esteban tour. Such a shame Moz and Spencer fell out when they did; can you imagine the original Lads lineup recording 2004's comeback Quarry and beyond?
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