Alain Whyte: "Tell Me" teaser video & lineup/tour update (August 2, 2020)

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Cocoa Girl doesn't think Alain's voice is interesting or distinctive enough to be a lead vocalist. Nothing to see here.
They're all associated with someone one of them denounced - not the greatest vibe...
God, this is scraping the barrel.
The Craig Gannon addition is just too f***ing funny, but generally I’m happy for “The Lads” to get together and jam.
O brother.


katastrofalan !!!!!!o_O
luckily for AlainT, FH Mike can only his grubby fingers around chop sticks nowadays.:rolleyes:
Alan seriously needs a lyricist. Surely there are some still in Hollywood.
Alan needs his own Tony Asher...
Alan if you are reading this, get Tom Lennon to find you a lyricist, he's a screenwriter/actor who loves Moz!
At least they're doing something. Morrissey has done nothing in five months of a pandemic but botch a weak remix release and drunkenly scroll YouTube.

Morrissey released a new album just a few months ago. What else do we need? God knows, I could live without him doing political broadcasts "Live from Betty's Living Room".

I get that the 'Lads' have reconnected and there's a nostalgia element to it for the diehards but this is hilariously bad - a 'tour' of Moz rejects and one guy who was a Smith for 2 minutes in 1986. People attacked Andy & Mike for the "Classically Smiths" crash-grab, deservedly, and this is the same crap in a different guise.
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The real tragedy of this is that Alain should still be working with Morrissey instead of being part of what is, essentially, a nostalgia act.

Johnny, Alain and Stephen Street are his three most important collaborators, in that order.
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