Alain Whyte posts image of early solo tour itineraries on FB

A few itineraries I found today. Oh those were the days.!!! Will help figure out where we were at times if I ever get the memory jogging. Didn’t know we were making history at the time. I was trying to be as good as The Smiths, realizing that we can only be as good as we can be. We gave it a good shot and I think with the Your Arsenal Tour we came very close as it was a real band!! All I will say is I’m looking forward to making my own future with my own songs and at last a real band behind me. It’s rough trade all over again. Planning to make history because who knows how long we will be around! I hope for as long as possible. I’m grateful to all the fans who support and have supported me as I’m nothing without you. I’m grateful that I can still do music. Seriously to all of you who support me including my new band mates, I love you and God bless you. Stay safe !
Just you wait until we can play I guarantee you will not be disappointed! I think you will all want to be at the convention gig on Sunday September 27th if all is well and good. ? x


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Your opinion. I think the current band sound Great!!!!
You're definitely allowed that opinion too. I think they're good, too. I think Gustavo is a great addition tho I'm not keen on the trinkling solos that take forever, but that's not up to me.

I think ultimately Morrissey misses the quality of Alain's songs, but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm surprised at the quality of Jesse's songs on the new album, i think they're really good. He gets a lot of hate on here, so I just want to say fair play to him.


This is the best morrissey band for the last decade, I find it more experimental, and this is what all artists, humans need.. to go further, change, explore yourself.....I wonder if Elvis was still alive, would he be seen now and again in a morrissey t shirt..... in think so..


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Today band is fantastic! That said, I love Alain and I guess he is somehow trying to get back to Morrissey...


I turn the music down and I don't know why
During an interview posted a few months ago, Alain was asked about his most recent contact with Morrissey. I believe it was right before Alain was spotted at Boz mother's funeral.

Alain: "I speak quite often with Spencer and Gary on the phone. We catch up with Boz a little bit as well."
Julie: "Have you heard from Morrissey recently?"
Alain: "I received really nice e-mails around four or five months ago. I told him I just released The Experiment EP and did a video. Moz wrote back, "Can I see the video?" I sent him a link to the video and he replied, "Wow. You must be proud. Your voice sounds really good. You still look the same."

"You still look the same." What a Morrissey thing to say. Haha.

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Has anyone ever mentioned why Alain was ill in 2004
It's never been confirmed. There was some horrific rumours on this website at the time that do not bear repeating, really malicious mental health stuff. It's none of our business and I suspect we will never know.
I don't know the answer, but as someone who follows the band quite keenly, my theory is this:

Alain is genuinely ill in spring 2004, he is replaced by Lil Barrie and then Jesse. I won't speculate on illness or anything, none of my business. At a gig in the States in autumn/fall 2004, someone in the audience shouts "WHERE'S ALAIN?!" and Morrissey replies "Unrelated, but, 'The World is Full of Crashing Bores'...."

The band reassemble in Rome, and it seems easier to keep the new kid around than to boot him out. He contributes songs and Alain has no issue with this, as per an interview with him in, i believe, 2006 or 2008, it's on YouTube somewhere. It's time to tour, and you can't take two lead guitiarists, so Jesse gets the gig because he was the last live guitarist.

In 2008 they do the YOR sessions and, famously, Alain turns up to record some tunes only to be told by Boz in the parking lot outside the studio that he is not required. His songs are still used, however. My personal opinion at this point - this is an absolute dickmove. At least let the man record the songs he has written for Morrissey. Christ.

After 2009, Alain's songs are never used again.

The long and short of it is that Alain was replaced by Jesse in 2004 and it made sense to just keep him around. Moz hates confrontation. Why would he kick out an obedient, half decent lead guitarist?

There's no real answer as to why Alain is gone, and Morrissey's releases since 2009 are weaker because of it. Life goes on. Go and listen to the Setting Fires EP from 2011. No, the songs are not amazing, the lyrics and vocal melodies are not amazing. HOWEVER the songs themselves are great - Moz could have really used them, instead of writing trash like The Kids a Looker and what not.

Oh well.

Interesting, though this new album is better than anything released between 1995-present, for me


It's never been confirmed. There was some horrific rumours on this website at the time that do not bear repeating, really malicious mental health stuff. It's none of our business and I suspect we will never know.

I always suspect drugs. It’s just so easy to fall into on the road and can mimic some mental health stuff. It’s cliche but so often the case. I love Alain though. He’s written some of my favorite songs. Either way it’s not important now. I’d love to see him at least maybe contribute a song or two again before it’s all over. Im glad morrissey is still supportive
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