Alain Whyte: "Our Frank" live (Morrissey mention)



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WTF???? WHAT A TOTAL CATASTROPHE!!:straightface:

What kind of drumming is that ? the salad punk drummer sounds like hes pounding on a side of beef FFS!!!:mad:

and Alain T sounds like his vocals got a pinched nervedoh:

a secret gig for a tiny mini gig???? how come :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: didnt think of that?
too late now:sleepy:


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What an odd choice for favourite Morrissey song ever. I quite like the lyrics for this one, but I agree with Johnny Marr about the song... "Alf Wank".


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Alain Whyte...writer of many a Moz classic and big Smiths fan, picks a crap Mark Nevin co-write for his favourite? Really?


Frankly vulgar


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He can't sing for shit but love his guitar work and he seems like a stand-up dude.


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Sounded great, but imagine how incredible this would sound in Morrissey's current set. Shame he won't choose to play gems like this.


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I reckon I am starting to the think Al was really born in Pasadena and talks with a fake Brittish accent too just like The California Son. Reckon we should be calling Al The Pasadena Son. Reckon I don't have the time to research or give a shit where he was born. Reckon me 2 jobs at the Nike factory and McDonalds in Mankchaster is taking up all me time. Reckon I am saving for a trip to see me cousin in Mississippi. His great great Grandpa has royal blood and is related to Albus Dumbledore. Then I am hoping I can hitch hike me way to Moz Angeles to look for the California Son playing basketball on Venice Beach m8 inn n nn nnnn n n it c*** chipper curry tit thick wacker.

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