Alain Whyte: "Nothing Lasts Forever" (Due December 14, 2022)





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The original of that is an absolute belter. If Alain’s version is half as good, it’s an essential purchase for me.
Top tune
I wish him luck but it's a tough ask. Ian has one of the best UK voices ever- he's up there with M. Liam's "yeah , yeah , yeah " is on point as well. I can't imagine Alain, not a natural singer, is gonna get anywhere near that classic *
Wasn’t this the tune that Johnny Marr co-wrote with Mac and then let them have it without credit to not detract from their reunion? Or was it I Want To Be There?
I'm not a follower of EATB, but is this the track, which he did through lockdown?

Thanks! Evergreen came out at the same time as Maladjusted and I love both records to this day. The song is made for Alain's voice and all the instrumentation on the original could have been (nearly) by Morrissey back then. Nostalgic, melancholy and backward looking. Beautiful stuff, trenchant choice for a cover.
In an interview once, Johnny Marr indicated that this was one of the songs he cowrote with Ian for their ill fated album (2 others were on the Electrafixtion record) despite him not being credited.
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