Alain Whyte for MozArmy Meet 2020: Acoustic set featuring Morrissey tracks (May 9, 2020)

I Am Hated For Loving
Over The Ocean
Sunny Days
A Swallow On My Neck

Prerecorded, but listen to the intro in track 1 - very interesting!!
He's been hinting at something involving 'special guests' for a while.
He is due to host a Southpaw Grammar listening party on Twitter tomorrow - details when they appear.
All credit to MozArmy Meet and Alain.
They appear to have made the best of the cancellation of their meet - thanks to them all.
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rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
Should read: "...,listening.....a day".
is this some sort of home schooling.dont quite get where your coming from.if its to do with Scottish slang it would be----listenin aw day--listenin aw mornin.hope this helps.


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I must have typed this comment 10 times here, but a swallow on my neck is my favourite Morrissey song, especially this version.

Lovely to hear Alain play it, it only really clicked a couple of years ago that most of my favourite Morrissey songs were all co-written with Alain - Swallow, Alma Matters, Hold on to your friends, Sunny, I have Forgiven Jesus.


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From "special guests," I am inferring a reunion of Whyte, Day and Cobrin for the next MozArmy in-person.

In related news, Spencer revealed on Instagram yesterday that he has tracked drums for a future Alain solo song. Gary played on the last EP.

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