Alain Whyte: First Of The Gang To Die - Safe At Home Sessions (May 25, 2020)




Another great one. Really like Dog, but would love Alain to be involved again, if only for the songwriting.


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Los Angeles... you are too hot!" ??
Wrapping up the long holiday weekend with one more co-write off of You Are The Quarry for the acoustic Safe-At-Home sessions. First Of The Gang To Die was the third single from the record and quickly became a crowd favorite. It was also 90F here in LA today, so more than apropos. Still want to hear more of these? Let me know ?
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I can't stand listening to people do covers of Morrissey songs, that is unless it's by someone who actually co wrote them. Alain you sound amazing!


You can tell by all these videos that his solo career is taking off and that he has no regrets about leaving Morrissey!!!


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One of my all-time favourite Morrissey songs. Thanks, Alain, for co-writing so many songs I love & for allowing us to hear them played solo on guitar; hearing you playing like this must be close to how they sounded on tapes you gave to Moz. :)

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