Alain Whyte FB: reminisces about TV appearances (October 15 -> ongoing)


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By all accounts, Dave and Johnny didn't really
speak to anyone.
They were both pretty shy in real life.
Al seems kinda worked up about it.

Johnny seemed to enjoy the audiences reaction to Morrissey’s appearance in 91 though he couldn’t control it. I was at the 92 taping, there for Moz of course, but irked I had to settle for Leno. Lol.

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Sorry. nothing really anti vax about those two videos in my opinion.

But, yes of course people that are anti-Morrissey won’t see them that way. Which is unfortunate, for them.

I didn't watch them. Almost no one will. They'll just use the sources to say he's far right. Plus ça change...

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you should.

some people will hate him ( their perception of him) no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Some people are just born angry and they need something to be angry at.

Yes, I know.

But he could do himself some favours!

It cheered me up that Alain confirmed the version of Finsbury Park that lurked in the archives. It might help him.


Firstly, not sure why this is in the 'Other Music section, when every post from Alain has been about Morrissey so far.

Secondly, I hope for Alain's own sake he doesn't get too open here. Maybe I've just been affected by the 'say nothing of consequence' policy of Boz and the rest of the solo band over the past couple of decades, but stuff like "I was told when I arrived at the studio that Gary Day and Spencer Cobrin were not involved. I was angry my friends and brothers were not going to be there" might be sailing close to the wind. Moz reconnected with Stephen Street a couple of years back, only to dump him when he dared to publicly criticise the decision to edit some tracks on 'Viva Hate' reissue - it would suck if Alain is given his marching order again so quickly.


I liked Marion and the guy had a big voice but he kept doing the same thing with over and over with it. I remember watching this for the first time on on demand when they showed jools Holland performances


New Membrane
Here’s a much better version ...

“But who asked you, anyway?
It's my life to wreck
My own way”
alain whyte

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