Alain Whyte & Band: "Tell Me" - 'lockdown' version premiered (August 5, 2020)

anyone watching?

Tell Me is the next single to be released by Alain Whyte and both the video and song feature the debut of current band members (some of whom he’s worked with in the past in various bands. Most notably, Morrissey), Gary Day, Spencer Cobrin and Craig Gannon. Guesting on violin is Sophie Loyer.

The video/song was recorded both in the US and the UK during the era of COVID-19 as a lockdown offering. The song will be the lead track and featured single on the Tell Me EP. The release date is TBD.
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Tell Me is ©2020 ALSDEN Recordings/AlainWhyteMusic.
℗Barrowgang Publishing

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Bravo Lads :clap:
Well done and good look going forward.

Steven! You have been SACKED:ahhh::laughing: You are no longer relevant, thanks for nothing and I wish you the absolute worst for the future.



LADS!! its Lawnmower Commander in Chief AlainT here:



1 first stop dole office to pick up funds
2 second stop the pub

what a katastrofa ❌
Listening to this song, and not even half way through I had to check how long it was, it seemed like it would never end.

It's a nice Alain Whyte song and the lyrics are okay. I like it but lead vocals aren't Alain's strength.

He should collaborate with someone on the lyrics. I think if the lyrics were
better, his voice wouldn’t matter as much.
Okay, first of all. This is about Alain, Gary, Spencer, Craig, and Sophie. This has nothing to do with Morrissey. Yes, there's the whole "oh yeah they were in Morrissey's band" — but let's recognize how great this song is and how nice it is to see the lads back together.

Great song!

I can't wait to be able to purchase it.

then why is it on the main page?
Let's just say he was not so pleasant to me before a show. Boz and Alain are always friendly and always respected people. Gary not so much. Nevermind what he did to Morrissey after he left the band.

He does look a bit of a bam. Fabulously distinctive face though. If he was an actor I'd suffer him just for the production shots.
Alain composed great songs with Morrissey in Arsenal and Vauxhall,but this song doesn't convince me .the melody is square ,Alain detunes..
I couldn't finish listening to it....
They cancelled that. Not coming back.
What? No f***ing way!!!

Just checked the worldwide interweb thingy
and it seems true. As if 2020 couldn't get any worse.
Oh yeh that song is about 5 mins 38 seconds too long if I'm brutally honest. It's neither here nor there.
Again, it's much in the style of the Maladjusted era songs and anyone with half a heart would love Moz to croon over it. Alain should know, that his inclusion of Cobrin and Gannon will lead to the end of all speculations on a return to Moz haven (during this lifetime).
He should collaborate with someone on the lyrics. I think if the lyrics were
better, his voice wouldn’t matter as much.
I thought about that too. But I don't think that's my main issue. I don't really mind the lyrics on this one, they sound like every song on the radio used to sound back when I was still listening to the radio.

It's a bit unfortunate that the chorus is "Tell me, tell me that you love me" which is of course similar to the coda of Tomorrow, a song that Alain referenced in his post announcing the video two days ago.
Probably a subconscious thing.

Anyway, I liked the lyrics to Alain's song Born To Hang but his voice still bothered me. Which is ironic because I live for Alain's backing vocals on Morrissey's 90s records, especially on Maladjusted. They truly elevate songs like Maladjusted and Wide To Receive and make them masterpieces.
It's a nice song but listening to it reminds me of Moz in the 90s, Maladjusted era. Morrissey has leaped on since then and I think Whyte is clinging on a bit.
Not an awful song - quite a nice listen. Just a bit forgettable and never goes anywhere.
So good to see Craig Gannon back, he's a great guitar player. This songs is great, the type of thing Morrissey would sing like an angel.
Dreadful, dull and quickly forgettable.. these people are nothing without Morrissey, and some cranks on here need to be reminded of this from time to time....
It’ll be a while, but will be interesting to hear Morrissey’s next album.

Listening to IANADOAC he seems to have made an obvious and conscious decision to move away from a Whyte guitar
kind of song.

Though I think it’s been a slow progression, starting with him choosing Jesse with his guitar style that’s different than Alain’s, to some ‘world music’ leanings and now to a more ‘electronic’ vibe on IANADOAC.

Unless Morrissey wanted to move backwards, I can’t see him being interested in working with Alain again, especially if ‘Tell Me’ is an example of what he has to offer.

alain whyte
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