Alain Whyte & Band: "Tell Me" - 'lockdown' version premiered (August 5, 2020)

anyone watching?

Tell Me is the next single to be released by Alain Whyte and both the video and song feature the debut of current band members (some of whom he’s worked with in the past in various bands. Most notably, Morrissey), Gary Day, Spencer Cobrin and Craig Gannon. Guesting on violin is Sophie Loyer.

The video/song was recorded both in the US and the UK during the era of COVID-19 as a lockdown offering. The song will be the lead track and featured single on the Tell Me EP. The release date is TBD.
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Tell Me is ©2020 ALSDEN Recordings/AlainWhyteMusic.
℗Barrowgang Publishing

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It's a nice Alain Whyte song and the lyrics are okay. I like it but lead vocals aren't Alain's strength.
Gary Day looks like he should be in the next series of Mindhunter
Gary Day looks like he should be in the next series of Mindhunter
God, I really hope there will be a new season of Mindhunter before this planet disintegrates or humankind eradicates itself.
I like it too. Kudos to the lawnmower band for writing a nice pop song. Too bad Alain is not a strong singer.
Alain's singing is fine - though sadly the lyrics here are rather weak.
Still, it's a pretty tune - and it's really nice to see them performing together. They seem like a good bunch of people; so I wish them all well.
Morrissey could've done something really special with this tune. it's lovely.
I’d like to add my voice to the growing chorus of praise for Craig Gannon’s contribution. It’s a great shame that his obvious talents have been wasted doing film scores, commercials, jingles and library music. He really should have played on more people’s records these last 30+ years. I remember his work with Terry Hall fondly.

Also nice to see Alain and Gary enjoying themselves. It’s a decent song.
Was I the first person to find out only today that an album's worth of Morrissey/Gannon songs were written back in 89/90? Is that in Mozipedia?
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