Alain Whyte: Ask - Safe At Home Sessions (June 6, 2020)

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Hooky will chat with you by the portable loo. Make sure you come dressed appropriately with your teenager getup.:(
Let us know nearer the time, i'm sure Hooky would be happy to have a chat with you, where would you be travelling from?
Just from Dublin. Flying in with two friends, both NO/JD fans. I was telling them how amazing Hooky was in Limerick last year. Front row at one of the best concerts ever. AND got to buy his concert vinyls before and after the concert (and a CD and a errrr...signed tea towel). Brilliant night.

If there was any chance of meeting Peter Hook I'd fall over in happiness. Even just to say "hello and thanks for everything" would be amazing. So I will get back to you closer to the trip. Thanks.
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