Ailidh Lennon, singer from Sons & Daughters, talks life & supporting Morrissey, The Sun, Aug 14, 2023

AILIDH Lennon was once in huge noughties indie band Sons and Daughters, but she's since quit fame for a very normal job.

Musician Ailidh, 44, achieved four Top 100 singles with the Glasgow-based group, and even toured with Morrissey...
from -

Band resumé from 2012 of their support dates for Morrissey, with more info and footage of their music -
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Yes, she does.
I know she did in the past but I don't believe she does anymore. I looked to see if she's selling online and couldn't find anything. However, I found this interview from 2016 when she explains why she stopped being a Tupperware seller (around the 56 mins/one hour mark). There were some Smiths and Morrissey mentions: the first around 37 minutes talking about Smiths tours; then her brother's murder during a Morrissey tour around 42 minutes mark; and a brief Smiths mention right near the end about a gay fan.

Remember The Libertines supporting him at Brixton Academy? Relatively heady days.

Almost 21 years ago. Time… no friend of mine…
Awesome night That was a top gig
Pete was on form that night, they killed it with "What as waster "
Often it seems M does the fat best friend approach with support bands
Mostly his support bands are ok, but not good enough to be competition
I mean, come on, you have to aim low to class Doll and The Kicks, KriteenYoung and Girl In Coma ,as great music
I remember hearing from some peeps who knew Kritseen , that she said he never even liked The Courteeners, just wanted to cash in on the next "Oasis " business. I know Kristeen is meant to be a bit of a liar, so I don't know if it's true but I wouldn't be surprised

My personal faveuote Smiths and M support are -
Kirsty McCaoll
The Libertines
David Mcalmont
The Thrills
Poney Club
Gallon Drunk
Marion (when they toured with M, they were fire but if you want to see a sorry
state of a human, go to a Moz Army event and speak to the singer, Jesus wept)
Elcka ( Fire for three songs)
Smoking Popes (Fire for 4 songs )

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