Advise on valuing & selling a rare The Smiths bootleg - Green Vinyl only 28 made


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Hi All,

I'm just looking for a little advice and some input from the experts if that is ok?

I have a copy of a 12" bootleg of The Smiths which is in green vinyl. There were only 28 copies made in green and I have number 9 (as shown on a handwritten sticker to the front). It is a recording of their third live performance at the Hacienda on 4th February 1983.

I tried to sell it on eBay but they took it down as a bootleg is considered a counterfeit (which didn't even occur to me but I guess makes sense)! Now I am a bit lost as to where to turn next.

I guess my questions are really whether selling bootlegs is frowned upon in anyway, what other routes might be worth pursuing to sell it, and whether anybody has any idea if it might be worth (or where I might find out)? According to Popsike, a copy of the blue version (which there are 87 copies of) sold for £255 on eBay in February this year, although I have no idea how accurate that site is, perhaps it is wishful thinking!

Sorry for the long post - any advice all you pros can provided me would be hugely appreciated! Below is a quick description of the condition etc (I would include photos if I could work out how to do it without a URL!): (I think this is for the standard black version)

There are 28 in marbled green, 87 in marbled blue, and plenty in plain old black, making this the rarest of the bunch.

The sleeve is in really excellent condition. There is a tiny crease to the top left hand font corner and very slight wearing on the bottom edge but otherwise there are no significant marks and it is practically perfect (as is the inner sleeve).

The vinyl itself is in perfect condition. I'm reluctant to say mint as I suspect that term gets thrown around too much! However, there really is not a mark to be found.

I bought this from a record store around 2010 and assume it is second hand. That said, it has never been played by myself, and given how perfect the vinyl is I suspect it has never seen a record player under anybody else's ownership either. Since it has been with me it has been stored safely in a smoke free home.
Its a bootleg, no one cares !
Loads of people collect bootlegs, don't be a dick.
Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated. I guess some people are going to be interested in them and some won't , depends what floats your boat I suppose!

I've managed to get it relisted now so if it sells great, I have a few m0re pennies in my pocket. If it doesn't then I get to keep hold of a lovely looking record even if it is only a bootleg. Win win!!
Does anyone believe the numbers printed on a bootleg? It's illegal to create a bootleg and you don't own the copywrite but then you are going to be honest enough to not lie about the print count. :ROFLMAO:
You shouldn't have any problem selling on eBay, just don't title it a "bootleg". Live vinyl or something would work and should be fine with eBay bots. Copies of the black sold recently for $53, 53, 38 so your colored vinyl should go for more.
put it on the Smith rarities facebook group
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