Advice please: stalls or standing?


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So I've got stalls tickets for Moz's concert in Chile in September. Seriously considering buying a standing ticket and selling the one I've got. I want to be at the front and dancing and singing, and can get there as early as necessary to queue... Problem is I'm 1.55 or thereabouts. Kind of average for a woman here, but men are usually quite a bit taller so I'm worried I might be unable to see... anyone of a short stature has experience seeing Moz in the standing area? Have you been able to see at all??
I would just want to caution you that people have been complaining that the stage invaders are quite aggressive and have been kind of rough with people up ffront, so keep that in mind.
Go for standing! Seriously, for me personally it's a whole different experience. I am pretty short myself, so there's always a possibility that some huge ass bloke is standing before you in the end or that people shove their way through. But that could happen at every concert, especially the more you stand in the front rows. I didn't have a problem standing at the Morrissey concert and the crowd is pretty tame compared to a rock concert. You wouldn't find yourself accidently in a mosh pit or something ^^ And most of the fanbase seem to be really nice. So it's totally worth the risk :))
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