Additional YATQ, ROTT promo CDRs for sale


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Since there has been such a strong response to my initial posts, I figured I'd let go of some more items, as well.
(I haven't thought about any of these acronyms for years, but several of you have asked if I have these. I had to think carefully about several -- it's been a while since my hardcore collecting days!)

Quarry promo CDRs

FOGTGTD (3 promos; 1 1-track and 2 4-tracks). Note: I do not have the one-track promo with the Olde English font.
LMKY (3 promos; pink writing, yellow writing; stock cover)
IHFJ (2 promos; alternate cover, stock cover)

Ringleader promo CDRs

YHKM (1 promo)
TYWTML (1 promo)
ITFWAW (1 promo)
IJWTSTBH (1 promo)

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