Actor from Fatty video is Fraudster Soldier

I believe that's Joe if anyone - via credits.

Joe Blair via Peepholism:
"Performance footage for the video for Fatty, the last made for Morrissey by Tim Broad, was filmed with the group members in a warehouse in Battersea

Morrissey was not present for the filming of the intercut narrative material, which featured an ex- convict from Birmingham, Joe Blair, who had appeared on an edition of the BBC TV discussion programme Kilroy to talk about the issue of the institutionalisation of petty criminals. Blair, an Irishman, had been in and out of various remand homes between the ages of eight and twenty, and spoke eloquently about his history of violence and abuse. At the time he was working on a book about his life."

In the credits of The Malady Lingers On:
"You're The One For Me, Fatty - Battersea '92. With thanks to Joe Blair and Megan Siller"

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