AA Gill in the Sunday Times (UK 27th October) reviews Morrissey's Autobiography


It's all good
And does it quite vituperatively. The summary is damning. Link to article, though full text is behind a paywall.






Ever since A A Gill's brag about killing a baboon I have considered him a worthless specimen of inhumanity whose opinions are risible. I normally don't read his stuff but did read this review out of curiosity owing to its subject.

Quentins Girl

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Agree Anon. A A Gill is a typical 'Sloane' and a pompous boring 'Hack' IMO, and eating a Baboon is a disgusting thing to do (to admit it is even more crass, he has no shame), and going on holiday to Las Vegas with Jeremy Clarkson (I read that a while ago, so may or may not be true) with someone who has way less intelligence (and looks) than a Baboon is even more questionable! Morrissey wrote a beautiful memoir and therefore must take the jealousy that follows. Stick to London eateries fearing you Gill, sure Moz is laughing all the way to the bank!
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