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The Morrissey revival continues with his successful tour of the US and Japan, rumours of a new record deal and new celebrity fans.

NME can exclusively reveal that the former Smiths frontman has met up with the boss of the record label that first signed him. Following reports from the US tour that the new Morrissey album is titled ' Irish Blood, English Heart', the singer is still officially without a record deal.

Geoff Travis, who runs Rough Trade and signed The Strokes in the UK, first signed The Smiths in the early 80's. The smiths later moved to major label Warners, but the two parties are now apparently reconciled. Asked about rumours that Morrissey may once again sign to Rough Trade, Geoff Travis told NME: "Yes, I have seen Morrissey. I bumped into him in a foreign place and we renewed our acquaintance, shall we say. Has he mellowed? I would have thought so - time has that effect on most people."

Asked specifically about whether he would get Morrissey's signature, Travis told NME "There's no resolution just yet."

Travis spoke approvingly of Morrissey's comeback, telling NME: "Pop music is a richer place for him."

Morrissey has also found fans among a new crop of bands. The Vines' Patrick Mathews was seen wandering around backstage at the Reading Festival wearing a Morrissey T-shirt. "When I wear this I always have Morrissey fans coming up to me" he told NME. "The wheel has definitely turned - and you guys made The Smiths number one in your poll."

the Libertines are also fans and tried to meet Morrissey when they played in Japan. Singer/guitarist peter Doherty told NME before he headed to Japan "I'm definitely going to try and meet him. I've heard he's a fan of ours. He's playing The Albert Hall so I might have a little word with him and see if he can get me in."
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