'A Taste of Honey' still sweet half a century on

Big Girl's Blouse writes:

This year the movie version of Shelagh Delaney's play 'A Taste of Honey' is 50 years old. The Liverpool LGBT arts festival Homotopia is holding a special screening of the film on Sunday 6 November.


Mark Simpson blogs about it here:


A Taste of Honey Still Sweet Half a Century On

'Hard to believe, but this year Tony Richardson’s wide-eyed 1961 ‘neo-realist’ masterpiece A Taste of Honey, based on a play by Salford playwright prodigy Shelagh Delaney is half a century old.

Filmed on location in lyrical black and white when Manchester was still connected to its chimney-stacked ‘dark Satanic’ past, it tells the story of Jo, a gawky, dream-filled, pregnant, unmarried working class teenage girl thinking about life and thinking about death and neither one particularly appealing to her.'

As his own tribute to 'Taste' Simpson has posted the full text of 'Dump her on the doorstep, girl' the chapter from his book 'Saint Morrissey' that explores the young Moz's 'doomed little love-affair' with Shelagh/Jo and its huge influence on his lyrics and sensibility.
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Sad solowists,

You see, masterpiece "Taste of honey", film and drama from Selagh - is all M is.
And not one, not one replay. Christ, you all hiss and groan and you constantly moan, but, not one word, not one word about play that is titanic key attribute of/to M.
Dear god, please help them.

we'll let you know

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