"A Morrissey Fan's Dream Comes True" by Jon Paul Fiorentino- The Huffington Post

It was very kind of Morrissey to acknowledge Frances at Durham. Classy move on his part. Few of us knew about her at the time, but it is wonderful that she was acknowledged by Morrissey himself, given the microphone, and broke into Jack the Ripper- "crash into my arms, I want you!" she sang...a wonderful moment for her. Good on, Moz!
Im so happy for Fran. She really is a sweet lady, couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :sweet:
"She became a beacon of the best parts of being a fan. Free of ill will, pettiness, and snark, she was a symbol of why we become fans in the first place"

What ill will and pettiness...?? Bummie, Benny, could you enlighten us...?

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