A Hatful of Hatfuls...still sealed/WLTP/WLTP Mayking

Elspeth Buggery

aka Chris Adams
These three Hatfuls all have something in common - they're quite collectible especially the Mayking pressing which is in the low-to-mid hundreds whenever one has appeared for sale.

Firstly the one-of-a-kind(?) shrink-wrapped mint 1988 French pressing.


This is your meat-and-potatoes Rough Trade UK WLTP but notable for the beautiful playing quality of this near mint early pressing.


Lastly the 'grand chapeau' of the whole lot - a genuine Mayking test pressing of the Smiths' second album. It is known that only a literal HANDFUL of the pressings is ever produced and many, like this one, are hand titled with a basic date stamp below that. It plays beautifully too. Early early pressings such as this is are known for preserving more of the sound quality than later runs.



I received a notification that my bid for the Mayking was cancelled...either the seller changed their mind and decided to keep it, or they accepted an offer they couldn't refuse from a buyer....either way, disappointing!


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Would have been nice to have been made aware that he was accepting offers. Little point in listing it on ebay if you are only taking one offer instead of opening it up to, I'm sure, multiple offers.


That was lame.. To offer for auction and then take a private offer instead.. That is bad business in my book..


To all those, anonymous and otherwise, who were dischuffed at my decision to remove my Mayking WLTP from the eBay auction in favour of a private sale, I offer heartfelt apologies. I had urgent and grievous need of a large sum in order to pay a large bill. The opportunity arose to be paid immediately for the item what I considered to be a generous price. My bill was paid that day yet I left many in tears and shaking their fists at my decision. Henceforth let it be known that I am going to be offering my items here on MS first with an invitation to make offers for a private sale, prior to any eBay auction that may ensue. I was actually implicitly inviting offers of a private nature by announcing my eBay auctions on this site here first, with high quality images of each item, but that message didn't really get across. Again, sorry to you hardcore collectors out there who felt abandoned.
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