A controversial diva: an interview to !VivaHate!

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
well it does, but it bothers me far more if you dont have it! If I had thought you would have actually gotten rid of it I would never have asked!

Anything for rifke!

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
It really is. You have gone from undisputed all-time best post ever to helping the most boring person in history flood this forum with thirst.

All these years and you still haven’t learned...

The game is the same, it’s just on another level.


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It makes my eyes cross when I scroll past it, I thought my brain was broken, like there was a database error or something. On the forum, not my brain.
pointless interview vivahate vivian
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