A controversial diva: an interview to !VivaHate!

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
Not outside his cultural setting. Abroad he would be taking four dishes orders and smile as he got paid after everyone had deep fried banana and ice cream.

But never at any time would he be able to pronounce the letter R.

Kitano is loved abroad! Shame on you! :triumph:


Last of the famous international screw ups.
It’s cute! :tongueout:
Do u like momoland?

I find myself at a place called Momo Tea quite often, certain people I know are really into the whole Bubble Tea thing. That and I listen to too much Hyuna :lbf:


team bougatsa
yeah, she looks great. I just don't associate Asians with long flowing maidenly locks.
pointless interview vivahate vivian
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