A complete list of Morrissey apologists


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i'm not apologizing for steve and steve doesn't have to apologize because he really hasn't done anything wrong.

he does need a little course correction in his executive staffing but thats on him.

anyway leave my steve alone. he's sensitive!

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Glad people are ‘apologizing’ for Morrissey. That way, Morrissey doesn’t have to apologize himself, which just means more time for him to hang out by the pool and enjoy the riches of his success. :)

Not that he needs, has to, or feels the desire to apologize for anything.

Agree he’s said somethings over the years that don’t sit well with the ever changing social and political climates, but as always ....

Morrissey will be fine, he’s one tough cookie.



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1. I reckon the dude at the Calabasas Costco that always has to apologize to California's Son when the blueberry muffins are out of stock fark arse chipper curry bogglewarts impostor getting bread inn nn nnnn nnn n nnnn n nnn n it.
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