A big thank you to Hispanic Community!


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Without the Hispanic community Morrissey would not be doing this residency! THANK YOU to all of the people from California that made the drive to Las Vegas last time!! You are amazing people and thank you for your love of Morrissey! I fear we would not get to see him as much if it was not for you guys! Muchas gracias!


No, he would have been less lazy, upped his game, his lyrics would be fantastic, rather than basic rhymes for those which basic grasp of English. Due to this, he would have continued to be respected, his audience would have been intelligent and huge and so he wouldn't have felt the need for cheap seat shock tactics, he wouldn't have had to get on his knees to the zionist mob -who got him to sing about Israel and then dumped him

The fact is , the Latinos in LA are way more into hip hop and think Moz is a fag and prefer Robert Smith and the cure to Moz and the smiths.
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