91X fm Top 91 Songs of 2022

Hola, I need your help, I am currently a regular on- air caller at San Diego CA #1 FM Station 91X.
I call myself "Mario the Mexican Morrissey Fan"
I have been calling in with "Breaking Morrissey News" in the Morning Show with Marty & Danielle during this year.
Under my non stop request they debuted "Rebels without Applause" playing twice in a row that first morning and put it in rotation daily.
This coming Monday they are going to play the song, but before that I am making a plea to the listeners to make it the #91 song in the list and to please go online and vote for the song so it could be, not on the top 50 but instead the last song of the list #91, so we don't need that too many votes it is just to get him recognize as it should.
Do please call in, go online and vote and use all your social media outlets to help with the cause.
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