73,000 album sales is all it takes to be Number 1 in the US



The New York Times have an article on Billie Eilish's new album which is now at number one. They state in the article that she would've been number one with the vinyl sales alone, which sold just 73,000:

"But CD and LP sales are far more lucrative than streams, and offer a big chart boost. Indeed, “Happier Than Ever” would have taken No. 1 this week on vinyl sales alone."



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73k vinyl sales is not a bad return. Is that the first week of sale?
Personally I’m not a fan of none physical music. Was it 06, certain Morrissey songs were released by Attack as a download only: I knew it was a slippery slope then.
Digital does have a huge part to play, I don’t dispute that but I think they should be excluded from the U.K. singles and album charts.
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