7 inch Shoplifters Of The World Unite - only paper label A-side


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Hello ,

I recently obtained this 7 inch single Shoplifters Of The World Unite - RTT 195 / EMI pressing with push out centre but only the A-side has a paper label ( fuchsia coloured ).

- There is no label at all on the B-side.
- Matrix / Runout side B is not etched with " Timtom " as you can find on the regular version.

However side A is playing "Shoplifters" and side B is playing "Girlfriend in a coma"

What could be the explanation for the missing paper label on the B-side ?
Anyone has a same copy ?


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That would be a strange pressing if it really plays the tracks you have mentioned. Maybe you should ask on this Facebook site, Experte over there could/should be helpful.
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