6 Common Food-Safety Misconceptions

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Since health officials seem to have very little idea about the source of the recent salmonella outbreak, perhaps it's wise to educate ourselves a little more on the basics of food safety. Test your knowledge with Forbes' list of some common food-safety misconceptions. The list, inside... The misconceptions:
"You can wash it all off"
Sometimes the contamination is within. With veggies like raw bean, alfalfa, clover or radish sprouts, it is possible that the seeds have been contaminated.
"Local means safe"
According to the scientific director of the Food Safety Network at KSU, "It's more important to ask whether a farm is located near a high concentration of wildlife, what type of fertilizer is used, what water source is used and how often it is tested and what hygiene practices were used during the harvesting, storage and transportation processes."
"Fruits and vegetables are safer than meat products"
Because fruits and vegetables are often uncooked, anything they into contact with could contaminate them.
"A meat thermometer isn't necessary"
Instead of guessing, experts recommend a meat thermometer to be sure.
"Cooking kills everything"
You knew that proper cooking protects you against botulism and mad cow disease, right? Wrong, it doesn't.
"Food left out is harmless"
According to the USDA, foods such as meat, poultry, eggs and casseroles should be discarded if left at room temperature for more than two hours. If it's 90 degrees or hotter, then one hour.
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In Depth: Top Food-Safety Misconceptions [Forbes]



The five second rule did NOT make the list so therefore the five second rule has survived.


The Mythbusters debunked that one. Sorry. There is also the "lollipop" principle, however, which states: "God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt."
If dry goods fall onto dry surface in your own home, then by guy rules it is still acceptable to eat.

Besides I do not trust anyone that wears a beret when it comes to "guy rules"

Unless of course it is Samuel L. Jackson


The idea that eggs can't be left at room temp for two hours is the strangest thing I see on the list. Working in restaurants years ago I found that the breakfast shifts don't much believe in refrigeration. Pancake batter, flats of eggs, and trays of hash browns all sit out for pretty much the entire breakfast run. Warm, or at least not cold, eggs are much fluffier, much easier to whip some air into, and make a better presentation. And when you think about it, eggs are hardly the most sanitary food anyway.


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Be careful with that Coke Zero in your fridge. Aspartame is a government plot to make the masses passive. :o
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