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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oh my, Dec 29, 2017.

By Oh my on Dec 29, 2017 at 12:16 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oh my, Dec 29, 2017.

    1. URBANUS
      I would say that the Sunday song truly is the song that sums him up as an artist and more. Video was fantastic then and still is. Viva Hate is completely unique and the songs fit together like the pages of a masterpiece novel that later became a film where the author won the Nobel prize and the director won an Oscar.
    2. Flibberty
      Obviously it's all a matter of opinion, but some of those selections I would consider slightly odd.

      The live version of Redondo Beach or the cover of That's Entertainment, for example.

      It also seems massively slanted in favour of his singles. There's no way that the likes of Fatty or Dagenham Dave should be there.

      And, unless I missed them, I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday and Now My Heart is Full should have been certs for inclusion.
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    3. Oh my
      Oh my
      Yes, it is a matter of opinions. What I liked the most is that they wrote a small review for each song.
      This forum gave me some surprises, like learning that "Redondo Beach" is considered by most people here a "bad cover" (I think it's fantastic, and I like Patti Smith a lot).

      In the same way that it is VERY surprising for me that "Vauxhall & I" is considered by most his best album (except for Speedway and Now my heart is full, I could perfectly live without that Album).

      So, yes... it's a matter of opinions. I simply liked that they wrote a small review of each song, which was more interesting than the songs they have chosen.
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    4. bandrus1
      Black cloud but no heart is full?
    5. 001
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    6. Truth
      These lists are never going to match anyone's personal opinions and they probably put a few in there just to get a reaction. But if you're hoping for a better new year for Morrissey you should be glad for three things. First that this is a positive article. It would be so easy to make a negative list. "Things Morrissey Has Done To Hinder His Career," or something like that. Maybe a new examination of his lyrics in light of some of his public statements.
      Second, fifty songs is a lot. That's a pretty massive list. How many songs does he have? This is a good percentage.
      Third, Spin is a corporate magazine that works with the record companies. Articles like this don't happen by accident like they do on someone's blog. So to me this shows that the record company is trying to look at recent events as a bump in the road that he will recover from. If he sees it that way, too, and gets past moaning about things that are really his own fault, maybe he can make something happen with this contract.
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    7. URBANUS
      Maybe because Heart is full had a malfunction when it came to the mastering making it sound very dull. Much like all Smiths songs were made to sound like shit.
    8. bhops
      No ‘Now My Heart Is Full.’ No ‘Break Up The Family.’ No ‘Trouble Loves Me.’ No ‘Lost.’ No ‘Come Back To Camden.’ No ‘Will Never Marry. No ‘I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.’ No ‘Life Is A Pigsty.’ No ‘I Will See You In Far Off Places.’ No ‘Home Is A Question Mark.’ No ‘Staircase At The University.’ No ‘Istanbul.’

      Fuck Spin’s list.
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    9. Eldritch
      So it's different from your list? Boo-hoo. Two writers who are obviously big Morrissey fans do a long positive article on your favourite pop singer and you flip a verbal finger to them. Now that's classy.
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    10. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Though these things are all subjective, this list does seem to be written by people with a thin grasp of Morrissey's output. As well as all those song you mention I'm sure I also didn't see Nobody Loves Us, Seasick Yet Still Docked, I've Change My Plea To Guilty, Hold On To Your Friends. It's a singles-heavy list which is quite telling.
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    11. JoeSellMozza
      This list is a joke really!
      With Redondo Beach in it, and Now my heart ist full missing, it‘s telling a lot.
      Or it‘s a list of the lost... ;-)
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    12. Peppermint
      As other posters have said, these lists are always going to be subjective therefore will probably please no-one. But I do think any 'best of' list that seriously includes Earth is the Loneliest Planet and That's How People Grow Up has been compiled by the 'eeny meeny miny mo' method.
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    13. Bluebirds
      I thought it was a well-written piece even if I disagreed with quite a few of the choices.
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    14. gordyboy9
      a nice kid, with a nice paper route,,,,surely its paper round or have my ears been playing tricks on me for years.
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    15. gordyboy9
      a nice kid with a nice paper route,think you will find its paper round.theres another mistake I spotted but cant recall it.that list would make a great 8 sided album if there was such a thing.
    16. Anonymous
      This list is so bad : not including Hold on to your Friends in his best 50 songs is a joke.

      The Lazy Sunbathers, is one of his best ever album tracks and is also a notable omission.

      I'd Love to is one of the best b-sides ever recorded by any artist like You've Had Her

      On the cover front, Interlude with Siouxsie and Moonriver are both awesome.,Moonriver is even better that Frank Sinatra's version.

      Seeing "Black Cloud" included in the list proves that these writers are sunday fans. If they wanted to include a Years of Refusal song, they should have picked the profound "One Day Goodbye will be Farewell".
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    17. 21punksalute
      Stopped reading it after I saw that “Late Night” was only 30.
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    18. Anonymous
      i heart 'the teacher are afraid of the pupils'. it should have charted higher.
    19. Oh my
      Oh my
      Hahahaha... Everything is subjective. I wish someone could explain me what's the problem with Redondo Beach (I adore that cover.... but I get that it's somehow considered a disaster by most people here).

      Other than that, I guess that there is some randomness involved in these lists (i.e, if I was asked to make a list of his 50 best songs today, I could make one... but if I get asked to make it again next week, it will be probably different... and I assume that the same thing would happen to ANYONE).

      Of course I would never say that Tony the Pony is his #1 song, but there is always a random factor.
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