5 favourite/least favourite posters on here


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You people are the gimmicks. Living in your fanatasy delusional world making an American dude who calls himself "California Son"born in LA from Irish Catholic immigrant parents who just played in a band with 3 British dudes for 3 years some type of British martyr. I bet Califronia's Son could not even pick out England on a map or more less Manchester. It upsets people like Aztec, because someone like him believes in truth and justice. Everyone from Moz Angeles knows the truth, we just go along with it so the proud Califronoa Son can keep getting your foreigner money.

I reckon dude, the worst is when some delusional photographer in Brittin sets up a fake photo op with a California Son impostor and the loonies here all cum in their pants fantasizing it really is the California Son! They are such dumbshits they can't even get his clothes correct and the impostor is always some fat f*** Brit with a huge mullet. There's the black gloves getting bread motherf***er, then there's the one where the impostor is wearing a puffy vest with a California Son Junior impostor (believe it or not) driving a f***ing mini cooper!, and the last one is is an impostor with a long wool trench coat "shopping in Mankchaster" mate inn nn n nnn nn nn nnnnnn n n nn it.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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oh, the hate for Uncleskinny, would this site even be here if he had not been such an integral part of it from the beginning and for so long after?
I think not :cool:

ps: that was fun to say since once upon a time he banned more than once :lbf:
but time heals all wounds :)
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