$300,000 loss claimed by promoter Colors due to cancelled Morrissey concerts in Peru

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    An anonymous person writes:

    Apparently the promoters have lost $300,000 due to Moz cancelling - who is 'uninsurable' due to his health problems - and are trying to get their money back. Good luck with that.

    Empresa que trajo a Morrissey a Lima ha perdido hasta ahora US$ 300 mil - El Comercio.pe

    Google translate to English link. Excerpt:

    Colors CFO also said he did not hire insurance because the singer "is not insurable health problems"

    That Morrissey decided to cancel two performances that were pending in Lima resulted in major economic loss for Colors, the company responsible for the arrival of the British singer to our country. Cristian Pereira, chief financial officer of the institution, said that so far the amount of losses amounting to $ 300,000.

    "I have not the final figure. People Megashow, company hired to do the show from Morrissey in Peru, is seeing that in Lima. However, the loss costs: subject to lease by the Jockey Club, hotel, transfers, taxes ..., comes to $ 300,000. In Chile the tax paid to the artist only if it sings, but if you do not cancel your submission. Instead in Peru we had to cancel the income tax and all that belonged to Morrissey could SUNAT to leave Peru.

    Several versions are shuffled about canceling Morrissey shows in Lima. It is said that he refused to sing because doctors did not give due attention when intoxicated, also unsold tickets for their performances in Lima. What really happened?
    The information I use is that on Saturday night the artist went to lunch at a place recommended by us and not part of their team was bad. Then doctors in Lima who treated him did not get the best treatment and dehydration produced a kind of artist. However, what I can categorically deny is that the artist would have refused to sing for low input. We had the tickets sold for the two presentations.

    Morrissey came wrong for some time, and had canceled performances in other countries and the possibility of it happening again was latent. Why not hire insurance?
    That issue was our concern. When hired as Morrissey company, we wanted to take out insurance and we noticed with surprise that he is uninsurable by the health problems you have. However, we risk.

    Do you evaluate Morrissey sue for the cancellation of their shows?
    We could have taken legal action against his people, but he wanted to do because we want to maintain a good relationship with the artist and it would cancel all shows missing. We will ask the agent Morrissey to reimburse us the money we gave him, because as you know any artist out of the country if not canceled. The loss is huge.

    What is strange is that they have canceled the two dates only Morrissey had planned in Peru, as in Chile postponed seven shows will take place on the last leg of the South American tour.
    Not so. In Chile have confirmed only five performances, were canceled both. The first will be on August 8 and the last on 23 March. We're really sorry with what happened, also with a great pressure on social networks Peru people basureado us, especially for being Chilean entrepreneurs. And this is not good because as Colors, we focus on Peru.
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Jul 14, 2013.

    1. HandThatRocksTheCradle
    2. Anonymous
      300k , isnt that the whole gnp of peru?, leave morrissey alone
    3. CrystalGeezer
      What the...???

      There's huge shit happening. Focus on that.
    4. Anonymous
      Bad translation. Gets facts wrong.
    5. Anonymous
      I can't see many promoters in the USA/Europe queuing up to support any tours in the near future given Moz's recent form. Then again - if you want to earn money, you have to take a risk...but Moz is a pretty risky bet financially at the moment. :(
    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "Several versions are shuffled about canceling Morrissey shows in Lima. It is said that he refused to sing because doctors did not give due attention when intoxicated, also unsold tickets for their performances in Lima."

      Presumably this has been lost in translation and is perhaps referring to his food poisoning. Any native Spanish speakers here able to clear this up?
    7. Luke Action McClure
      Luke Action McClure
      I also found this bit interesting. Are they suggesting that Moz was unimpressed with the medical care on offer, and went home to LA as a result?
    8. SmellyMichelle
      I'm waiting for superfan (snigger) David Lewin's statement on matters before I judge Morrissey. Dave, of Facebook fame, is the voice of the fans, so monkey see, monkey do. xx
    9. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      As I said I'm sure it must be a poor translation, but it could be read in English as meaning Doctors wouldn't help him because he was drunk. Given that his alcohol intake has been the subject of debate here, thanks in no small part to Noel Gallagher, it is a bit of an unfortunate word to use.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Possibly, but who would be daft enough to agree to that given recent incidents? The promoters of Brazil, Chile and Argentina will be sitting on one arse cheek until the moment he steps on stage.
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    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn

    11. CrystalGeezer
      I found eleven bucks in the crosswalk tonight I can chip in. :o :p
    12. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      I suspect these "several versions" mean "several rumours", possibly thanks, in part, to this site. How often is the 'oh it's because he didn't sell enough tickets' conspiracy theory trotted out here once there is a cancellation or postponement?
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    13. Anonymous
      What a shame that Moz's career is ending like this. Anyone else with food poisoning (er, welcome to South America) would just lie in bed for 2-3 days, drink lots of fluid, and ride it out. Instead he fucks off back to LA and leaves his fans high and dry. There is obviously more to this - some other illness is involved in the mix, mental and/or physical.
    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Possibly, but that question was asked by a Spanish journalist, with no proof he may have been influenced by this site in any way.

      When Morrissey's reputation was that of a lyricist and artist of great renown he earned those accolades largely by himself. If his reputation is today at a lower ebb he should also take responsibility.

      These arcane and florid statements are all well and good, but where was his PR agency? Were they, like everyone else, cut out of the loop by the inner circle and if they were what is the point of them?
    15. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      True, it is supposition on my part. However it is not beyond the realms of possibility that when researching for an interview and writing interview questions, journalists scour the internet for information. As seen in the past, journalists do come here (and no doubt, FB and Twitter) to learn the 'craic'.

      'Several versions' reeks of 'gossip I have been told by people who wish to remain unnamed'. It can also include, 'stuff I have made up to elicit some sort of reaction/soundbite from the interviewee'.
    16. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn

      Mind you, if the Spanish-English translation is as good as the English-Spanish translation Morrissey's lucky not to have been implicated as being seen on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.
    17. gonzax
      That translation is terrible. Among other mistakes it says "The information I use is that on Saturday night the artist went to lunch at a place recommended by us" whereas the original article says "at a place NOT recommended by us"
    18. davidt
      Feel free to correct the mistakes or provide your own translation.

    19. beewee
      I think you nailed it. I would not want to sit in a foreign country, even though the US is foreign to him, with improper medical care.

      I for one feel that he would not start, stop, start, stop with these tours if he was being difficult; there's no point to that, I just think it's been bad luck for the last 8 months, spriknkled in with brillance: Staples-HHhigh-Davis, these were all "suberb" shows, sounded great, looked great.

      Hoping he's on the mend and resting as needed, the later dates look to move forward and here's to hoping no future issues.


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