30 years - Wolverhampton - first solo show (Dec. 22, 1988)

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By JoeSellMozza on Dec 22, 2018 at 9:23 AM
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    Time moves fast! 30 years are gone since his first solo show in Wolverhampton, UK.
    Free entrance with Smiths/Morrissey-Shirt. You can feel or revisit the magic here:

    And some Wolverhampton-content is included in the Hulmerist-DVD:



    There won´t be 30 more years with Morrissey shows and new songs.
    So if you don´t like him, don´t look at him...

    Merry X-Mas

    Link posted by Famous when dead:

    On this day: December 22, 1988 – Morrissey performs his first solo gig - Mancunian Matters
    By Harry Benbow.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeSellMozza, Dec 22, 2018.

    1. mcrickson
      If he had a healthier diet than potatoes and pasta, I'd say "You never know," but yeah probably not 30 more years.
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    2. Mr. Jackpots
      Mr. Jackpots
      Who's Adam May?

      Also, taking points away for no barcode.
    3. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      On this day: December 22, 1988 – Morrissey performs his first solo gig - Mancunian Matters
      By Harry Benbow.


      Thirty years ago to the day, Morrissey performed for the first time as a solo artist, and with that stood at the forefront of a British cultural movement for the last time.


      A reflection/discussion about a day I certainly will never forget.

      On a side note: nice to see an article acknowledge that it was a solo gig. Suedehead had been out for 10 months, EDILS for 6 months and it was not ever (to the best of my recollection) a 'final Smiths gig' as reported by some currently on Twitter/FB.
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    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Adam was a member here and the person responsible for 'leaking' the full decent quality footage of the gig on Smiths Torrents (for which I'm eternally grateful).
      He sadly passed away.
      See here for info:
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    5. NealCassidy
    6. NealCassidy
    7. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Well, I was there. In the queue. And I can glimpse my younger self in the Hulmerist footage. Unfortunately I didn’t actually get in...

      But it was like Beatlemania when Morrissey arrived in the bus. I have never seen or experienced anything quite like it before or since.
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    8. Anonymous
      The good old days when he hadn’t yet turned into a walking BNP advert. I miss this Morrissey, it’s such a damn shame.
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    9. Anonymous


      He was in his chart topping band, was ol thicko.

      Remember: ‘he knows more than us’
    10. Anonymous
      To me, his solo permitation is a mystery. I wonder what happened after the split meeting at the Gilles Fish & Chips. Did he really realize it was over? Did he immediately contact Stephen Street? His solo career is amazing.
    11. dirtee rephlex
      dirtee rephlex
      Tricky one judging by the entry in Mozipedia... but great (sadly short) concert.
      Regarding the great article, when the "No bruise" paragraph deals with "Suedehead", it would have been pertinent to point out that the lyric change from "oh so many illustrations" to "oh so many blank pages" is probably in fact a return to the probable original lyric written by Morrissey as the "blank pages" lyric is the one printed in Bona Drag if I'm correct (didn't check, yet).
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    12. ColinCampbell
      I was there. Got there about 330am morning of gig. I do remember it was the first time I heard the Morrissey football chant. A joyous occasion for my 18 year old self.
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    13. Anonymous
      Me and I got into the gig which was the most incredible 45 minutes of my life.

      I am also on the hulmerist video a couple of times.....one scene is quite significant on the video.

      I am the kid the green carry , floppy hair , queen is dead t shirt and facial condition.

      The story behind me walking down the street with all the fans behind me was.........Tim broad who did mozzers videos at the time had been recording me without me knowing. He came up to me out of the hundreds of fans their and said " will you walk down this street in the direction of the camera".... Yes I said , jumped the metal barrier and the rest is history.

      My username on this site is simplysmiths
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    14. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      It's funny when the guy with the mullet runs on stage.
      There's a appreciation for Moz in the Hesher community.
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    15. Anonymous
      Guys, is there any footage of Morrissey arriving at the Civic Hall? Also interesting to mention here, a couple of months back I came across a very interesting written interview of Stephen Street telling that (during the recording of Strangeways) Johnny Marr once came to the Wool Hall with a camcorder and did a lot filming. Street believes that there is a lot of footage waiting for someone to find it at Johnny's basement.
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    16. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Arrival via bus is captured in the OP video.
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    17. Anonymous
      No, actually. To be honestst.
    18. KingKongLeer
      Well...it's quite possible. He will be 90 by then.
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    19. Anonymous
      Is that instrumental take of The Queen is Dead from this show's soundcheck or something?

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