30 years ago today...

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By kissmyshadestoo on Dec 12, 2016 at 4:05 PM
  1. kissmyshadestoo

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    May 26, 2007
    ....Smiths play their last UK gig:
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    1. Anonymous
    2. carnal artist
      carnal artist
      beautiful - feels like yesterday
    3. Anonymous
      Wow thirty years. For a man many suspected of failing or falling out of view after marr I'd say he's done pretty well for himself
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    4. Anonymous
      One of my favorite videos, can't help but fall in love with Morrissey after watching. He is so vulnerable here. His pants slowly slip down. Sadly, he wears belts now.

      Be proud Mozza, you never give up

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    5. AztecCamera
      Anonymous Coward

      Desperation. In 8 years he will come back to my hobbit town in some place called Wooverhapton and I will watch this vid over and over again until that day.
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    6. Anonymous
      And the sad thing is, none of the sums of the parts have played a better gig since.
    7. headmasterritual2012
    8. Anonymous
      The Smiths ended at just the right time. I am glad they ended when they did. They ended with Johnny walking away. It was dignified. The petty squabbling came years later - à la High Court. But their music is timeless and untainted by it all. And if they hadn't ended then - there would be no 'Viva Hate', or certainly things would have been very different. There is a purpose and a destiny in everything. God bless Johnny for walking away. Total respect. Such a cool guy.
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    9. stux
      But all of this is bullshit, i respect johnny but he didnt walk for these reasons at all. Read his book, the smiths might still be going today if they had management, a break and a bit more respect for each other. Nothing at all to do with a dignity or leaving room for viva hate or court battles. Johnny had had enough of carrying a band that, to him, didnt want him any more.
    10. stux
      This gig haunts me. I was in london with school, me and my mate were desperate to go and our art teacher nearly let us go.

      We were so close.

      I never got to see them.
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    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Moz should thank him publicly and so should we cause otherwise there wouldn't be King Leer. And the rest of course.
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    12. SuedeMoz
      Well, either way - ending when they did meant they went out at the top of their game - never making a bad album, etc.
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    13. Anonymous
      They also got out before popular music changed. Would have been interesting to see if they would have changed with it somewhat or kept there eighties sound. Guess they could have made that reggae album
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    14. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      All reggae is vile. Except of course for Redondo Beach.
      In what way did popular music change?
      Do you mean it became more commercial?

      I think they would have changed their eighties sound.
      In a quite natural way because they wanted to do more adventurous music. Musically they wanted to grow.
      That is very much apparent on the last album Strangeways Here we Come. Unfortunately, due to the split those songs were not played live by The Smiths.
      Moz playing them live solo isn't exactly the same, although very good.
      Does anybody know if Johnny Marr played songs of that album live? In one of his bands or even recently?
      And why not? Moz did.
      They both stated it was the best album of The Smiths.
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    15. Anonymous
      Had they kept going it's highly likely we would have got at least a couple of guitar-free synth-heavy albums in the 90's, which would have been interesting...if hard to imagine what the hell it would sound like.
    16. 21punksalute
      Colin Firth as there. He told me so
    17. Anonymous
      In a bunch of ways but it depends on where you are. Grunge got very popular and evolved out of the American college radio station and hip hop became super popular just for two examples. These things existed in the eighties but became more mainstream and dominating in the nineties and influenced pop music outside of their respective genres. Even the Brit pop that later became popular in Britain was heavier and noisier than what dominated the charts in the eighties. For all that suede are said to be a mixture of glam era Bowie and the smiths there first two albums are much heavier and distorted than either. When morrissey released arsenal some claim, even here from time to time, that it was a move to be more modern though I doubt that. A lot of the colorful silly elements of new wave were eradicated from pop music along with the colorful silly elements of hair metal. It just might have been interesting to see if they, the smiths, would have adopted and incorporated some of these or reacted against them or taken a third route etc. marr obviously wanted to go more into electronic edm music which was invading pop music around the time period and did soon after he left the smiths. They could have done something along those lines had they stayed together
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    18. Anonymous
      Johnny played Stop Me live.
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    19. Kenmare
      Thank you for posting. Echoing what many of you all have said over these boards, I feel lucky to have spent my pre-adolescence and early teen years with The Smiths. The songs really did make me feel like someone understood me. Ah, they gave a lovely light.
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