3 Jarvis tracks you might not have


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*grabs you by the ears and points your nose at the screen*

Those are all in the zip file, too! Read the ruddy track listing! :rolleyes:

sorry - am too excited to use my braincells and actually read because of this delightful thread. I hope you understand :D this thread is - amazing!!!!


Thanks ever so much for the B Sides...me and vinyl go together like...me and quantum physics I suppose, so it's nice to actually have a copy of the B sides.

I really like the version of 'I Can't Forget'. In fact I really like the whole CD from which it's lifted (bar the horrible, horrible, horrible final track); I don't normally go for these 'tribute cds' but I suppose you couldn't go wrong with the likes of Cocker, Cave, Wainwright etc.


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look what I just found on one of those live journals!

Journeys Into The Outside with Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis' excellent Outsider Artist series takes him around the world to find out what motivates and inspires some of the most wonderful and bizarre outsider artists. Broadcast in three parts during January - February 1999.

Not only is the subject matter here fascinating, but Jarvis' interest seems truly genuine as well, so that makes it great to watch :) total running time is 2h50min



took me 8 hours to download those 2 files, by the way. this better be good :)
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