3 Helsinki World peace tour nights


Morrissey - 3 Helsinki World peace tour nights (AUD/WAV)

Source: Canon powershot SX 130 IS. Original files audio: LPCM 1536kbps, 48khz. Ripped to WAV 1536 kbps, 41 khz, Stereo.
Taper: Wiltteri
Good quality
CD 1: Blind & Loneliest planet are short ones, but rest are complete or missing few seconds.
CD 2: Complete + incomplete ones.

CD 1

2014-11-15 Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland

The Queen Is Dead
World Peace Is None of Your Business
Staircase at the University
Trouble Loves Me
The Bullfighter Dies
Yes, I Am Blind
Kiss Me a Lot
Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
I'm Not a Man
Meat Is Murder
Everyday Is Like Sunday

CD 2

2014-11-16 Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland

Certain people i know
World peace is none of your business
How soon is now
Kick the bride down the aisle
Everyday is like sunday

2016-08-13 Flow festival, Helsinki, Finland

Alma matters
You're the one for me fatty
I'm throwing my arms around paris
Kiss me a lot
Bullfighter dies
Irish blood, english heart

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