2nd Morrissey Gig

Reading, the Hexagon. May 2006.

Very special circumstances. Very special company. And me coming to the conclusion that there are kind people in this world.
Manchester Appollo 15th December 1992
Was prepared for that one. Even sat in an empty seat in the second row. Amazing. Especially when you get on your friends shoulders and just see all the heads before being yanked down by a bouncer. :p
2015, Worcester Hanover Theater. Was 18 at the time

Absolutely amazing and lovely. Wish I was able to pay attention more though, I got a bit distracted by a lady who had a bit too much to drink and she thought I was handsome and asked if she could kiss me. I thought she meant a kiss on the cheek so I said yes, she ended up Frenching me... Was a bit surprised... we couldn't keep our paws off each other until the show was over lol
November 1, 1991, at UCLA. The now infamous "riot". From memory, I thought he only did 5-6 songs before all hell broke loose. According to setlist.fm, he got to the 9th song. I do remember him announcing a new song, "We Hate It..."
My second Moz gig was May 26, 2007, at a rustic outdoor venue called “The Backyard” in Bee Cave, Texas. (Bee Cave is just west of Austin, in the Texas Hill Country.) It was a fantastic and cool evening under the stars, and Moz opened with “The Queen is Dead”! Great memory.
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seattle! july 20th (i remember that part because that's my dads birthday), 2016 (i think).
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