2nd favourite band?

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent
from my last.fm;

to my credit, i've not listened to SP since 2007..

I've seen Morrissey, Enrique, Interpol, Snow Patrol live from my list, aswell..

i'd say my 2nd favourite band was Interpol, though
and i though i played a lot of music at home :eek:
as for SP, dude, 07 was the last time they were any good :p


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Most of the SP plays are the first two albums.

And i've been on last.fm since 05 :D, plus, i don't have a cd player in my bedroom anymore...


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You Me At Six

Raphael Lambach

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I love the brazilian band called Legião Urbana....
Their songs sound like The Smiths and Renato Russo (voice) loved Moz....

It's Legião song called Feedback song for a dying friend
Soothe young man sweating forehead
Touch the naked stem held hidden there
Safe in such dark hayseed
Wired nest

Then, his light brown eyes are quick
Once touch is what he thought was grip

This is not his hands
Those there but mine
And safe my hands
Do seek to gain
All knowledge of
My master's manly rain

The scented taste
That stills my tongue
Is wrong that set
But not undone

His fiery eyes
Can slash my savage skin
And force all seriousness away

He wades in close waters
Deep sleeps alter his senses
I must obey my only rival
He will command our twin revival

The same,

The two of us so close to our own hearts
I silenced and wrote this awe
Of the coincidence

Russo was English teacher....
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Morrissey and The Smiths will always be "the" band I think it's safe to say for me, but R.E.M. are the band which run them second. I think in a similar way to The Smiths, they were a great four peice (now three),and each band member contributes equally which is a rare commodity it seems. I love Stipe's vocals and lyrics, Mike Mills is a great bass player while Peter Buck has a great style of simplicity in his guitar lines, yet they are so memorable.
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