22 years ago this week Boy Racer was released


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Quando quando quando

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"He thinks he's got the whole world in his hands stood at the urinal" :laughing:
Yes, that was sociological Moz at the time all his detractors of now considered his lyrics to be magnificent. :rolleyes:
Remember “Such A Little Thing making it Such A Big Difference “?

“Most people keep their brains between their legs” and added “Some don’t” making a explanatory gesture with his hands. (During the live concert in MEN recorded on the DVD “ Who Put The M In Manchester?”)


Pretty good but it’s basically a song about nothing. Short and catchy as anything and nicely worded but subject wise I find it trite. It’s a candy type song. Nice while I’m eating it but not very filling and it doesn’t stay with me


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The video struck me as irritatingly modern but rrrrright at the expiration date for that brand of modern at the time.
The song is good though, and worth the price of admission by virtue of the urinal line alone.


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I believe that he opened with boy racer on his Scottish tour a few years back and didn't sing it since,please correct me if I have it wrong,I like it and Dagenham Dave


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One of my favorites. Wish he'd bring it back.

This performance as an excellent alternative to that dreadful music video
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