2023 Tour FAQ (stage time, intermission info etc)

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Info will be added as soon as details have been emerged.

Supporting act
No support act has been confirmed so far.

Stage time

Morrissey will be on stage around 20:30 (2019 NYC show).
The gig will finish around 22:00.

Click 'post-show' in http://www.morrissey-solo.com/tour/

Morrissey constantly changes backdrops since 2013 tour.
Currently shown:
Dean Martin, Bruce Lee, Peter Wyngarde etc.

Intermission video clips 2018
(many thanks to a user Similar2Sunday, Famous When Dead, twitter user Dickie and two anonymous users provided info)

1. Loudmouth by The Ramones (1975 video)
2. Something There In My Heart by Paper Dolls
3. How Soon Is Now? by t.a.T.u
4. Sound Of The Crowd by The Human League
5. I'm Black I'm Proud by James Bawldwin (Playboy After Dark 1969)
6. Someday Someway by Robert Gordon
7. Candy Darling in film Women in Revolt 1971
8. Don't Make Me Over by Dionne Warwick
9. David Hoyle on "Melancholic Youths"
10. God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols
11. clip from James Bawldwin's N
12. Sally's Song by Fiona Apple (The Nightmare Before Christmas sound track)
13. clip from film Frankenstein 1931
14. Germaine Greer (Australian author) is ranting "there's a lot of rubbish"
15. clip from French film L'Insoumis (source for The Queen is Dead cover image)
16. It's The Same Old Song by The Four Tops
17. Jet Boy by The New York Dolls
18. Lipsynka

Outro: Le sang d'un poète by Jean Cocteau

1. Loudmouth by The Ramones (1975 video)
2. I'm Black and I'm Proud by James Bawldwin (Playboy After Dark 1969)
3. clip from a film Flesh by Paul Morrissey
4. Don't Make Me Over by Dionne Warwick (1963)
5. David Hoyle on "Melancholic Youths"
6. God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols
7. Can't Trust It by Public Enemy
8. Wanting To Die by Anne Sexton (poem)
9. Arabesque No. 1 by Isao Tomita
10. Mrs Shufflewicke clip
11. French film L'Insoumis clip (source for Queen is Dead cover image)
12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone by Marlene Dietrich
13. Looking for a Kiss by the New York Dolls
14. Lipsynka


1 Loudmouth by The Ramones
2 Apossibly - The Apex Theory
3 Ramble - Link Wray
4 Flamenco dancer
5 Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner
6 You'll Lose A Good Thing - Barbara Lynn (many thanks to a user LizSK2)
7 Dame Edith Sitwell interview
8 Anne Sexton recites Wanting to die
9 The Show Must Go On - Leo Sayer
10 James Baldwin interview
11 Mrs Shufflewicke
12 Emmenez-moi - Charles Aznavour
13 Allen Ginsberg talks to ?
14 Young, Gifted and Black - Bob and Marcia
15 Looking for a Kiss - NYD
16 Lipsynka

A user docinwestchester posted pre-show clips from youtube to 2014 post Lisbon show thread.

1 Loudmouth by The Ramones
2 Seven Deadly Finns - Brian Eno
3 Yesterday Man - Chris Andrews
4 I'm Not Sayin' - Nico
5 Don't Dectate - Penetration
6 French TV clip of Charles Aznavour
7 Dame Edith Sitwell
8 Anne Sexton
9 Ding-Dong, Witch Is Dead
10 James Baldwin
11 Mrs Shafflewicke
12 Emmenez-moi - Charles Aznavour
13 Jimmy the Gent (James Cagney film extract)
14 Allen Ginsburg talks to ?
15 Bullfighter Dies (PETA / fan made video?)
16 Looking For A Kiss - NYD
17 Lipsynka

See also the forum thread:

Pre-show Videos 2014 - 2015

Intermission music

Many thanks to an anonymous user and Robert Strangeway, current tour's playlist is found in link below:

Tickets are sold out, what can I do?
Don't panic, usually Ticketmaster and SeeTickets will release some tickets nearer the time of the gigs.
Also ring up the venue box office ask returns or spare tickets availability.
Keep checking ticket agency sites as well as Marketplace forum where people advertise their spare tickets.

Can I bring a camera?
Depends on the venue, but most venues allow gig-goers to bring a non-professional camera.
A mobile phone with inbuilt camera is widely accetpted.
If you attempt to bring a highly sophisticated model, they'd give you a ticket and get it back after the gig.

Drum skin images
Albert Finney (2016)

Who is Julia?
Julia Riley is the site administrator of http://true-to-you.net
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