Morrissey Central "2022" (December 31, 2021)


'I dream of moor, and misty hill
Where evening gathers, dark and chill
What has 2022 worth revealing?'

Emily Bronte.

Actually an excerpt from Faith And Despondency (1846):

"But, yet, even this tranquillity
Brings bitter, restless thoughts to me;
And, in the red fire's cheerful glow,
I think of deep glens, blocked with snow;
I dream of moor, and misty hill,
Where evening closes dark and chill;
For, lone, among the mountains cold,
Lie those that I have loved of old.
And my heart aches, in hopeless pain,
Exhausted with repinings vain,
That I shall greet them ne'er again!"

(In full here).

Was last year in the hotel room just saying one thing repeatedly?
I predict 2022 will bring us plenty of questionble photoshop monstrosities courtesy of Sam. Other than that, I'm not sure. :unsure:
Ach, well at least that's socially acceptable.

Happy New Year, Everyone. 🥳
Funny business, the Brontes. I used to live literally around the corner from the Parsonage museum and visitor centre thing. Attracted a lot of luminaries. Bonnie Greer was for a while the president of the Bronte Society, and Patti Smith came to play a gig in the school hall round the corner. It was all a bit bizarre. But they still hold a fascination for many, and when you take the walk up to Top Withens, it's hard not to understand why.
Don't be sad prey you be glad
To be alive, to Live and thrive.
soon we will be over
before we go
laugh and roll with me in clover
now wipe your tears
I send you lots of cheers
Our poor old souls
are not meant forever
May ye live vivid in the double deuce,
Never be livid, shake ya shackles loose,
Go out and gander like a goose,
And find a design, profound and profuse!
- Wild T
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A lot of coldness!! You need to raise your vibrations!!! It's a lot to ask Moz to be optimistic!!! You're alive! You are important that you are only talented, outstanding but you need more positivity, a message for your fans right? No, no, there isn't, I can understand your sadness to some extent, but there is selfishness, because many of us love you well and wanted to see you like last year... And... a message to my fans No NO AND NO!!! Stop it!!! I decide no!!!
For, if your former words were true,
How useless would such sorrow be;
As wise, to mourn the seed which grew
Unnoticed on its parent tree,
Because it fell in fertile earth,
And sprang up to a glorious birth
Struck deep its root, and lifted high
Its green boughs, in the breezy sky."
what a lil cutie!!
great poem, mozzer!! i wonder if you would like charles baudelaire's Obsession?

You forests, like cathedrals, are my dread:
You roar like organs. Our curst hearts, like cells
Where death forever rattles on the bed,
Echo your de Profundis as it swells.
My spirit hates you, Ocean! sees, and loathes
Its tumults in your own. Of men defeated
The bitter laugh, that's full of sobs and oaths,
Is in your own tremendously repeated.
How you would please me, Night! without your stars
Which speak a foreign dialect, that jars
On one who seeks the void, the black, the bare.
Yet even your darkest shade a canvas forms
Whereon my eye must multiply in swarms
Familiar looks of shapes no longer there.
It’s started off swimmingly with Betty White passing a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday.
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