2021-09-05 Las Vegas, NV @ Caesars Colosseum


I got this in trade.

This is not mine. Just sharing.

Morrissey 2021-09-05, Las Vegas, NV
September 5, 2021
Caesars Colosseum
Las Vegas, NV

Source: Chure Audio CA-14 > Edirol R-09HR
Taper: Luke Freteluco
Lineage: WAV(M) [44.1] > FLAC
Edits/EQ: +4.7dB
Notes: "Viva Moz Vegas" residency (August 28 & 29; September 2, 4, & 5)
Compiled September 2021 by CPS

01 - It's Over
02 - How Soon Is Now?
03 - Alma Matters
04 - First of the Gang to Die
05 - Everyday is Like Sunday
06 - Shoplifters of the World Unite
07 - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
08 - Knockabout World
09 - Morning Starship
10 - Ouija Board, Ouija Board
11 - Seasick, Yet Still Docked
12 - Never Had No One Ever
13 - Half a Person
14 - Love Is on Its Way Out
15 - Satan Rejected My Soul
16 - The Lazy Sunbathers
17 - I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
18 - Lady Willpower
19 - Back on the Chain Gang
20 - Irish Blood, English Heart
21 - Jack the Ripper

Dirk Blaggard

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Thank you. I am idiot. It sounded like fun there. I not only sold a ticket but was offered hotel and a ticket .
Im a f***ing idiot . It was nice to see people less of a moran than me , ho and have fun.

Thank you for this

Famous when dead

Let me see if I can put it on google drive as shareable. pM me your email addy.
Not possible as anon.
You're better off sharing the drive url for a week and deleting the post (which I'd do as you couldn't edit that long after a post).
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