2016 repress of "Bona Drag" 20th anniversary edition (vinyl, out February 26, 2016)

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By johnnypf on Feb 21, 2016 at 9:17 PM
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Discussion in 'Collectors Corner archive (read-only)' started by johnnypf, Feb 21, 2016.

    1. northernleech
      £24.99 @ hmv ...we are getting 4 copies (newcastle)
    2. AztecCamera
      Will you people stop posting prices with an L, squid, and sterling? Isn't there some other site where you can talk about Morrissey (even though he will never play a concert in your country again) , Kickball, and where to buy your New York Yankees Baseball cap. Anonymous-
    3. Anonymous
    4. Sidnettle
      Very droll, I'm sure
    5. marred
      I was disappointed the Southpaw and Maladjusted reissues only made it to CD format. Those two albums were aching for double vinyl, especially Maladjusted considering the amount of tracks he added.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I bought the 2010 vinyl reissue because my original vinyl is old. Tie me up!
    6. esskay
      I wish Morrissey would reissue proper vinyl versions of the original albums, with zero shitty demos tacked on and exact reproductions of the original sleeves. I would buy those. I have no interest whatsoever in these bastardised versions. You'd think he, being such a traditionalist would get that, but no. My original Bona Drag is all scratched up and I'd pay money for a new one, but these weirdly updated versions hold no appeal for me.
    7. marred
      I hear what you're saying believe me. Apart from YA and V&I they have all been messed with in very strange ways indeed. I bought all the reissue vinyls because I'm anal and a few of my old Morrissey records jump here and there. They are still in very good condition but I bought the reissue vinyls as a security measure just in case. Also the remastered records sound fantastic!

      Removing Ordinary Boys and adding Treat Me Like A Human Being

      Adding Fantastic Bird & You Should've Been Nice To Me & Honey You Know Where To Find Me.

      Removing Roy's Keen & Papa Jack. (At least there are no dodgy demos added)

      Removing Sister I'm A Poet and adding the ABISMAL Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United

      All sins in my book!

      Kill Uncle Reissue doesn't bother me as I love East West!

      Plus not even pressing the Maladjusted and Southpaw reissues on vinyl... ugh!

      If they weren't available on vinyl I wouldn't have bought them.
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    8. ordinaryboy86
      I'd do away with reissues all together. Ok its not gonna happen and some smart arse is gonna give me a million and one reasons why reissues are good for your health. But i dont understand why anyone would wanna buy a reissue, Go out and seek the originals, so what if you have to cough up £40 for a NM 1990 Bona Drag. I'd sooner do that than waste £24 on these reissues, if i wanna hear it remastered or extra tracks then i'll download from itunes, or steal from the internet :paranoid: The markets just getting clogged up with a sea of shit reissues, and the originals are getting forgotten about. To sum up, i don't like reissues.
    9. Anonymous
      Removing Sister I'm A Poet from what?
    10. Anonymous
      Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United are great tracks
    11. Anonymous
      Or totally random US cities sweatshirts. While you were visiting Pennsauken NJ I hope you were able to sample the local cuisine like a meatball sub at the Wawa. Firefly Festivals 2015 sponsor which featured top artists like Morrissey also offers up delights such as chicken salad, seafood salad, and bacon bagels.
      I have to say Slurpee's are much better than Icee's. But a Wawa milkshake with real milk tops all. Iced coffee's with real dairy whip cream is a good choice as well.
    12. Anonymous
      Don't engage with Adam Marr. He makes out he's some long time fan / expert. He's clueless.

      With the bile coming from his god, he quickly comments about the "inevitable onslaughts" like he's some soothsayer. He knows full well the idiot he worships is a liar and hypocrite, and as such cannot defend his embarrassing decline. Instead he comments about Brummie and JB.

      Adam Marr is the worst type of cultist. Passive aggressive, dull, with zero to offer. Ever.
    13. marred
      From Remastered Bona Drag.
    14. Anonymous
      its not on bona drag
    15. Anonymous
      You sound like a vinyl connoisseur or vinyl snob.
    16. Sidnettle
      1. "Piccadilly Palare" 3:28
      2. "Interesting Drug" 3:27
      3. "November Spawned a Monster" 5:28
      4. "Will Never Marry" 2:22
      5. "Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference" 2:51
      6. "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" 3:40
      7. "Ouija Board, Ouija Board" 4:25

      1. "Hairdresser on Fire" 3:49
      2. "Everyday Is Like Sunday" 3:34
      3. "He Knows I'd Love to See Him" 3:08
      4. "Yes, I Am Blind" 3:44
      5. "Lucky Lisp" 2:51
      6. "Suedehead" 3:54
      7. "Disappointed" 3:06

      Will Never Marry edited down from the original 3:39
    17. Matti
    18. Biggoof009
      Bona Drag was released as a 2/3 disc set? When and info please?
    19. johnnypf
    20. Biggoof009

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