2013 albums, what do you like so far?


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White Lies ~ Big TV

Editors ~ The Weight of Your Love

The National ~ Trouble Will Find Me

Placebo ~ Loud Like Love

Arctic Monkeys ~ AM

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Two records that I love from 2013 that I haven't seen on this thread yet...

Yo La Tengo Fade


Thao & the get down stay down We the Common
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Outfit - Performance has got me tapping my toes, great great album

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I thought I was over Camera Obscura. Thinking that I've heard enough of them. As always I was wrong. "Desire Lines" is dreamy, deep and introspective. Tracy Anne's voice is as sweet as honey. The album is not a shift away from what they have produced in the past. They have just got sharper with this album. A lovely thing indeed is this album.


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A couple more for your delectation:

Goldfrapp Tales Of Us

Mazzy Star Seasons of Your Day

Janelle Monae The Electric Lady


We are all we Need
Foals - Holy Fire

Arctic Monkeys - AM

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
ahh yes, music sung by babes :p no, really I will check out the Mazzy Star and maybe the Janelle Monae :guitar:
as for me, in my latest 2013 "top 5" add:
Robby, have you checked out Kiwi girl Lorde yet? She's only 16 and made it to the US top 10. She's pretty good. in fact here she is....

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Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Robby, have you checked out Kiwi girl Lorde yet? She's only 16 and made it to the US top 10. She's pretty good. in fact here she is....

listening to "Tennis Court" right now
reminds me of Lana Del Rey, which is not a bad thing with me :blushing:
and that reminds, gotta still DL Kimbra :love: to this comp...
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Garrett Sawyer released an album this year. You can get a free track through his web page: http://www.garrettsawyer.com/
The album is pretty good, but I liked his 2001 album better (Anthem.) Check out "The Lean Season" if you get a chance.

A friend sent me copies of both Suede and Depeche Mode's 2013 albums. I thought the Suede was better, but was still on the mediocre side.

no really, I want to know, have not listened to a lot of new stuff (that I really liked) so far this year :o
except, maybe:

what about you? tell me what new stuff* you like, I want to know :thumb:

*=stuff from the latter half of 2012 is OK, I've really been out of the loop :straightface:

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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October update of my "top 5"

Placebo ~ Loud Like Love
Daft Punk ~ Random Access Memories
& since I discovered her this year really and the "deluxe editon" of this came out in 2013:

honorable mentions to:
She & Him ~ Volume 3
The Knife~Shaking the Habitual
Yeah Yeah Yeahs~Mosquito
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