2012.4.23-Zepp Tokyo, Japan


Luke Action McClure

Busy downloading - thank you. Will let you know. Very excited for Maladjusted...
Is there anybody who could add a new link please ? : even if I swith off my antivirus I can't download it from sendspace ... :-(

i spent days with the blues wishing i had taken my recorder to this show.... (i let a friend talk me out of it and left it in the hotel room)

could someone PLEASE re-upload it. thanks !
hey again
for some reason the rapidshare page I access from the TUMBLR page delivers a ZIP folder of only 500kb
thanks for the link - not sure whether anyone else has it?
or could reupload to another site

THIS seems a good sharing site:


I just joined - easy, seems the storage period is unlimited?

much appreciated
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The If
Some issues with Rapid Share seem to be browser dependent. Could you give it a shot with Chrome if you used IE before. If it still doesn't work I'll toss it up on Sendspace for you. -MR
awesome ! thanks so much for your help everyone.
i now have the show! listening to ALMA MATTERS - sounds great
I will upload those videos to youtube next day or so - i thought they were on my home computer but i think they're on my laptop at work.
doh !
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