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By joe frady on Mar 18, 2011 at 8:25 PM
  1. joe frady

    joe frady Vile Refusenik

    Apr 29, 2006
    not Edinburgh, sadly.
    Who else but he would choose this image to promote the tour? :D

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    1. MozVegan9
    2. Anonymous
      I hate that image and I'm shocked by it. It humiliates an animal who - if the picture's real - must have been afraid.
      It's a picture that communicates nothing except that animals are ours to mock and manipulate however we like.
    3. Anonymous
      Great Picture !
      Great Tour ad!
    4. Anonymous
      Actually, Katy Perry would.
    5. Mmmmmm
      It sort of says "Morrissey will be in town with pussy on his mind"
    6. Anonymous
      I suspect its photo shopped if not a so called animal supporter should hang his head in shame, why the poor cat didnt scratch it to hell I,ll never know. Unless of course hed found a nice rug to lay on - only a matter of time
    7. Amy
      Yeah, because that alligns perfectly with Morrissey's attitude to animals over the past 30 years doesn't it? Idiot.
    8. Anonymous
      to use and abuse an animal is circus mentality
      if he placed a cat on his head for the sake of a picture its disgusting

    9. Anonymous
      i want to argue against the fact
      one of my cats loves sleeping on my head but only when im horizontal


      quite comforting in its way
    10. Anonymous
      just an affinity
      always loved animals
      always cared for them unlike some who pay lip service and manage to wander here there and everywhere

      feela brilliant song coming on


    11. Elviseye
      I can't wait to see who he brings back as his band?
    12. Jo Winn
      Jo Winn
      I have 4 tickets for me n my bros we are huge fans and I'm ecstatic he is touring again...bring on June :)

      Stay well Morrissey so we get to see you in Grimsby
    13. Anonymous
      I reckon the only certainty is Boz.
    14. Anonymous
      Wow you must be a hit at parties :)
    15. Jo Winn
      Jo Winn
      I can't believe people would actually bitch about the cat! Like Morrissey would harm an animal. Those true fans who have followed him know what he stands for and that animal cruelty is a issue that he cares deeply about.
      Lets really analyse the poster shall we
      1- the cat is obviously being held by someone hence why the cat appears half on half off the screen.

      2- the cat isn't actually really there..just photo shopped

      Or for those who really don't know Morrissey - maybe the cat is being held on wires above morrisseys head and he is just standing under the cat ( I somehow think NOT)

      But like the poster- the claws are out again and those anonymous comments if u have something to say..why hide behind anonymous- that's cowardly.

      Give him a break -: he's amazing!!
    16. Anonymous
      Totally agree, time to change things around again. Bored with the sub-metal sound.
    17. morrisseys_advocate
      It's photoshopped, this image was used on the front of a sunday paper magazine that moz did an interview for, and they pointed out no harm was done.
    18. Anony mouse
      Anony mouse
      I don't like cats.
    19. Anonymous
      ..erm, Meg and Mog?

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