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I would have expected the usual ticketing outlets to have the shows uo by now. Also most of these opening of ticket sales normally occur on a Friday morning.... why Monday?

Maybe Morrissey is playing smaller venues as he's a bit wary that the great unwashed are wary of him actually turning up considering the last tour. He does look a lot healthier though

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Clearly, we all want Morrissey to visit as many places as he is able in 2011. Let's just hope he paces things better than last time.

Hopefully by beginning the tour in June he will have missed most of the cold/flu/malaise season and he won't be starting things off already beaten and bruised.

Of course, this is assuming these are the first dates; if history is any guide he could quite possibly announce shows halfway across the world in May. Stranger things have happened.
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Both those bands are from Grangemouth where I grew up - I have never heard anyone reference Lowlife before! Good on ya!

p.s. Moz loves the Scots cos we are misfits like him,,, ;-)
I love Lowlife, the Bassist is a legend! All their songs are really cool and really thought out :)
I know, the amount of Smiths gigs he did in Scotland is unbelivable...I would have loved to be able to watch Cocteau Twins and The Smiths in the 1985!! Both tours classics and I wasn't even the glisten in my Dad's eye then :D


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Rome - Auditorium Parco Della Musica

Hey chaps, just wondering (so i dont miss out) is anyone aware of a backdoor url for pre ticket sales?

ta in advance


Re: Rome - Auditorium Parco Della Musica

Hey chaps, just wondering (so i dont miss out) is anyone aware of a backdoor url for pre ticket sales?

ta in advance
If there is one, it will be fully subscribed within a few minutes of it not being announced! These things are very hit & miss, so you never can tell whether there will be one or not?


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Hum... :(

Trying to find out where to get tickets from so i can keep my eye on them...seetickets wont let me search (cus of a 503 error) and seatwave.com wrote:

"Seatwave has 8 Morrissey performances with 40 tickets in 8 cities across 2 countries."


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Any ideas on ticket prices and outlets yet?
From memory, the Western Ferries don't leave from the peer beside the venue, it's a bit further out of town.
That's right Karl, it's the CalMac ferry that leaves from just beside the venue and they finish earlier. You have to drive around the coast for about 2 miles to catch the Western ferry.


Probably gonna do Grimsby/York. London based so will probably stay over and go to York the next day straight from Grismby...seems to make sense.

Getting pretty excited already.

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So anyone have any idea where these tickets will be available from? No sign on see tickets.. Starting to panic.. slightly..

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According to the Gigs In Scotland website there will be a pre-sale for all 5 Scotch shows on St. Patrick's Day at 9am ~

Och aye Dunoon!

So I'm assuming general sale is Friday 9am.


But don't tell anyone ;)
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