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managed Grimsby but no chance with York unless some kind soul has a spare


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York barbican site says
Tickets no longer available online. Call Box Office on 0844 854 2757 to check limited availability


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Anyone have 2 tickets for Bradford I am happy to take off your hands....bottle of Tizer included!

Or one ticket and a can of Tizer...if such a thing exists


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Someone has already listed some on ebay for York and Bradford. I sent them a very pleasant message.

Blousey - don't go the ebay route just yet. There will be some nice forumite here who will have extras and will be able to help you out, I'm sure of it.


Are you guys blind?I just posted a link to the YOrk venues site with tickets. If you miss out now, you're a bloody idiot


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To those who haven't got what they wanted this morning.... don't panic. The tour is months away and people's plans change. If the last few years on Solo are anything to go by, there will be threads in a few weeks / months where people are trying to off load tickets because something else has cropped up... be patient.



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Hahaha yeah the Barbicans got them back up, hurry you guys!

I am deadly excited for York! I think i've surprised myself in actually getting york standing first time round seeing so many people who've had trouble
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